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for Availability of stock CAL Controllers.

For Temperature or Process controllers specific to your process or
application, call ThermX for stock items or application assistance.

Temperature Controllers
Digital PID and analogue temperature controllers models CAL 3200 and CAL 9900 Series

New West-CAL-Partlow-PMA Digital Catalog

Compact 1/32nd DIN Autotune PID temperature controller - CAL 3200
The model CAL 3200 was the worlds first 1/32nd DIN (24mm x 48mm) temperature controller launched in 1992. The model is still
in full production today.

For the very latest 1/32nd DIN controller, go to the 3300 which uses the same program menus but has the benefit of communications and latest aesthetic designs.



Key features of the CAL 3200 are:

  • Ultra-compact size: 24mm x 48mm
  • Autotune PID for easy set-up
  • Dual-output: 2A relay plus SSR drive
  • IP65/ Nema 4X sealed fascia
  • 4 bright LEDs to 1 or 0.1 in C or F
  • Positive feel buttons
  • 5 alarm modes
  • 9 thermocouples, RTD/PT100 inputs



1/16th DIN Autotune PID temperature controller - CAL 9900
The CAL 9900 pioneered the market of digital 1/16th DIN (48mm x 48mm) temperature controllers in 1986. The model is still supplied to many high volume customers.
The latest 1/16th DIN controller is the 9400 which features much easier programming menus together with a communications option.




The features of the CAL 9900 are:

  • Autotune PID for easy set-up
  • Dual-output: 5A relay plus SSR drive or
  • Dual-output: 5A relay plus 2A relay
  • IP54 sealed fascia
  • 4 bright LEDs to 1 or 0.1 in C or
  • Positive feel buttons
  • Comprehensive alarm modes
  • 9 thermocouples, RTD/PT100 inputs
  • 115VAC or 230VAC options



Manufacturer of Custom Thermocouples, RTDs and Thermistor Probes


Custom Thermocouple and RTD Selection Guide
-200 to 1600° C

  • Beaded Wire Thermocouples
  • Metal Sheath J, K, T, E and N
  • Platinum Thermocouples R, S and B
  • 100, 1000 ohm Platinum RTDs
  • Industrial Thermocouples and RTDs
  • Custom Designs to Fit Your Application
  • Low Cost OEM Probes

For further information on specifications and options
please contact our sales department. 800-284-3769