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Air Probes
Alumina Tubes
Autoclave Thermocouple
Carbon Dioxide
CO2 Transmitters
CO2 Handhelds

Cement On Thermocouple

Digital Thermometers
Extension Wire
Freezer Probe

Humidity Handhelds

Humidity Probe
Humidity Sensors
Humidity Transmitters

Mulite Tubes
Multipoint Thermocouples
Panel Jacks
Partlow Controllers
Partlow Recorders
Pressure Calibrators
Pressure Transducers
Pressure Transmitters

Protection Heads
RH Probes
Precision RTD Scanner
RTD Probes

RTD Data Logger
Surface RTD Probe
Surface Thermocouple
Surface Thermistor Probe
Temperature Calibrators
Temperature Transmitters

Thermocouple Strip Panel
Thermocouple Wire
Thermistor Probes
WIKA Pressure Transmitters
Validation Thermocouples
West Instruments

CAL Controls & Software

For Temperature or Process controllers specific to your process or application,
contact ThermX for stock or application assistance.

CALCOMMS™charting, logging and configuration software

Designed to help software engineers to include communicating controllers into their applications.

Displays and Alarms

Chart Recorder

Easy PC Set-Up


Charting and logging software from controller to PC

  • Windows NT or 95 based
  • Easy installation
  • Data-log up to 128 controllers
  • No training necessary
  • Up to 10 x 12 trace chart-recorders
  • Software alarms
  • Instrument cloning for easy programming
  • Recipe/profile save and recall
  • Remote set-point adjustment

All you need is a PC, with RS232 or RS485 capability, a cable for the same and a number of CAL controllers fitted with the comm's modules, install CALCOMMS™ on to your PC and get going.



RS485 Connections

RS-485 Is a half duplex serial communications link and is the standard most commonly used for industrial applications due to it's high noise immunity and multi-drop capability. It enables a PC to communicate with up to 32 instruments over distances up to 1200 metres, and requires the addition of an RS-485 interface card, or a seperate RS-232/485 converter.